Arrange a phone call with Thorsten Baldes, our Chief Marketing Officer for the 90.10. quantum technology.
Please, send Thorsten an e-mail ( if no appointment is available.
Feedback on the phone calls
The phone call with Oliver was like talking to a good friend, with whom you don't often talk, but WHEN you do, you're sure to have a good friend on the line. You don't feel shy or reserved and you ask him all the questions you have since the conversational atmosphere is very friendly from the first minute on. 
He was very relaxed when he answered all my questions, listened to me with interest and responded to all my concerns about the cube.
Oliver is not in a hurry and you feel always welcome. I already had a good feeling before the phone call, but if you have any doubts, because you suspect that "hm, maybe this is a commercial chat after all", I can assure you that at no time did I get the impression that Oliver wanted to sell me any of his products.
On the contrary, he simply concentrates 100% on my questions. And there's one aspect I like very much: Oliver has a great and nice sense of humor, which puts the finishing touch on a conversation with him.
Hilde Steffen
It was not a sales talk, but a real exchange of experiences. The conversation was characterized by the interest and commitment to make the most of the cube and to use it properly. The interests were mutual. Oliver Schacke listened very carefully to what I told him about my previous experiences in the field of quantum energy as well as with energy and frequency therapies, which can be easily combined during use and experiments.
I amplified my cube and also got advice on further tryouts, what gives me more confidence along the path. Besides, he gave me good tips for directing my thoughts. There is still much to learn there. Therefore, it's important to bundle the user's wealth of experience. I'd like to continue this exchange of experience intensively. I'm sure that Oliver Schacke's publications will always come with new findings.
The phone conversation with Oliver Schacke was a wonderful source of inspiration for new applications with the 90.10.-Cube. Oliver took almost two hours time to answer my questions. In the course of the conversation, a lot of concrete ideas came up. I'll try them out now little by little. I recommend that anyone who wants to expand the knowledge of quantum technology should make an appointment with Oliver. Thanks a lot, Oliver.
Hi everyone!
I had an absolutely great phone call with Oliver today. I can only recommend to make an appointment with him. I learned a lot about his quantum energy world. I enjoyed the conversation very much, and I think that everybody can learn a lot from Oliver. I felt richly rewarded afterward and filled with many new ideas. Many thanks again, Oliver. You created something wonderful with 90.10., and your customer service is simply great.
Loving regards!
Max Akrom
Hi. That was a conversation as it is usual between friends. Oliver answered all my questions competentely, and he took a lot of time. Now I'm perfectly informed on the Cube. I will surely need another phone appointment very soon because I am very curious and always want to know more. With him, you feel that you are in good hands. He has a great deal of knowledge. Thank you for the wonderful conversation, Oliver.
The conversation with Oliver was very enjoyable, even though I was nervous at first. I think it's great how you maintain the relationship with your customers, Oliver. It has been a spiritual enrichment for me to talk to you on the phone. Many thanks for that. That will help me on my journey, which, thanks to you, I can do. I recommend everyone: Call Oliver, this may be a turning point in your life! And I am looking forward to being a part of the community in the future. What's done here is very unusual.
Kind regards!
marco w.
Hi, I had a terrific phone call with Oliver. We discussed so many things, I couldn't keep up with writing them down. Fact is, what Olli has accomplished here is absolutely awesome. My feelings are doing somersaults, clockwise rotating ones of course. Since I got to know 90.10, my life has developed positively (in God's sense) towards cosmic thinking "I am". I'm happy to help to write 90.10. history.
Best regards to all cubers!
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COPYRIGHT © 1999-{{YYYY}} BY 90.10. AG
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