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We are partners of the Händlerbund Trade Association since 2015.
Field of activity
As the first company worldwide, 90.10. AG based in Bern / Switzerland in 2011 developed a method that can influence any matter at the quantum-physical level in such a way that it stores quantum energy and then emits it permanently. We call this energy quantum energy. In the 90.10. procedure, the 90.10.-CUBE is used to create an energy field that is strong enough to permanently charge matter with this energy.
This process is similar to magnetizing metal between two strong magnets. On the one hand, the 90.10. quantum technology serves quantum physical product refinement in countless areas, such as the automotive industry, the food industry and the tattoo and piercing industry. On the other hand, the 90.10. method is used in medical research.
The know-how to produce the required modules for the various areas of application and industries belongs to 90.10. AG as the license holder, and to the license providers who co-developed this technology. Through the 90.10. procedure, it is possible to create a mathematical geometric formula (based on sacred geometry) for 
generating a spiral energy stored in matter, 
which we call quantum energy. Meanwhile, this 
90.10. technology has been released, so everyone 
can use the 90.10.-CUBE, a globally unique torus 
generator, for enriching or "burning" their own 
products with quantum energy.
One of the special things about the procedure developed by 90.10., is that the modules neither require power in order to generate the quantum energy field nor diminish in performance or intensity over time. In addition, all modules are made of recycled material and can also be fully recycled. Thus, the procedure we’ve developed protects the resources of the earth and leaves no waste.
Production of the rack for the 90.10.-CUBE
Production of 90.10.-MODULEs
Who we are
90.10. AG is a limited company. The AG was founded on October 7, 2009. The AG is exclusively owned by private shareholders. All shareholders have agreed in writing to waive dividends and other profit sharing in favor of good causes. Owning a 90.10. share therefore has only a symbolic value. Most of the money generated by the sale of shares is used for research and development.
Extract from an interview with the founder Oliver Schacke
Why are there two numbers in the company's name?

With the system behind the quantum physical product refinement, we want to set an example that can be followed worldwide. Once all financing commitments are met and we generate significant profits, we pass 90 percent of the profits to aid organizations and aid projects. 90.10. does not decide which aid projects receive money, our customers do. We do not interfere and that is the highest premise of our company policy! The remaining 10 percent stays with the company. The name 90.10. carries this message clearly and unmistakably outward.
Why was Switzerland chosen as headquarters?

We will have international representation in many countries and bring people together from all over the world. Especially given our aim to fund aid projects, it is important that our customers and users can also rely on us to distribute the funds according to their wishes. Religion, lineage and political views are not relevant for us. That is why, from our point of view, it is crucial to have the main office in a country that is considered by the world to be neutral and legally safe.
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