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pure quantum energy?
Use your opportunities!
Is your everyday life an energy vampire? You are not alone in this. Not only "everyday" stress reduces our energy, but also pollutants that we inhale and absorb with food.
Imagine there is a physical source of energy that gives you strength to accomplish your tasks and also protects you from the stressors. Imagine you could enrich this energy source with information that would be good for you.

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The power capsule for experiments
Neutral quantum energy for you to start researches.
High output
2.465 QEPPs energy output - this gives you power for your job, endurance in sports and relaxation after work.
Pure neutrality
You can let the quantum energy work alone or combine it 
with the frequencies of 
your choice.
Lasting happiness
The titanium spheres hold the energy for up to 500 years. Even your great-grandchildren can still enjoy this energy.
Pure or frequented
The 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE consists of a shell (the capsule) and five titanium spheres contained therein. Each individual sphere has an energy output of 170 QEPPs. In the multiplication effect, the five spheres have an energy output of 2.465 QEPPs. But they don't all have to work together; the power capsule lets you be very flexible in your application. How many spheres you use for yourself can depend on your personal needs and sensitivity. Sensitive people often feel how intense the energy stored in the titanium spheres is when they hold a sphere between the thumb and index finger of their left hand (the receiving hand, according to Chinese medicine). 
The quantum energy stored in the titanium spheres is completely neutral, meaning it does not contain any special frequencies. You can wear the capsule on your body and either let the energy work purely on your organism or experiment and combine it with frequencies of your choice, e.g. of healing plants, food supplements, and homeopathic remedies. For this purpose, the frequencies are copied into aluminum foil by using a quantum stamp and afterwards put into the power capsule (see the video for instruction). Furthermore, it is possible to combine the energy of this capsule with all the important 90.10. frequencies.
The construction of the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE is based on the understanding that the neutral titanium spheres emit energy from the inside to the outside. If there are frequencies inside the shell, the energy runs through them and takes them along. To illustrate, a comparison of the spheres with a light source and of the capsule with a color filter: The emitted light shines in the color of the respective filter. In color therapy, colors have an effect on people (even on blind people according to studies). The frequencies are affecting the human organism in a comparable manner.
Strength &
Increased physical performance, better physical fitness
and greater stamina.
Perception & Consciousness
Clearer thinking, improved intuition, and increased synchronicity in life.
Immune system & Organism
Reduced susceptibility to infections, faster recovery and wound healing.
Striking effects from experiments
Cell availability
Quantum energy revitalizes water and therefore makes it available to cells. With cell available water the organism works better in all its functions. The visual illustration of the positive change is photographically possible through the Masaru Emoto method.
Elektro smog
With the use of the energy from the power capsule, the negative perception of electromagnetic waves can be neutralized. Sensitive people have reported that any perceived physical disturbance caused by electro smog has been eliminated.
Within 30 minutes quantum energy can reduce radioactivity of 30 Bq (becquerel) in a glass of tap water down to 0 Bq. According to the current state of science, this is physically not possible. With scientific devices and methods, this effect is verifiable. 
Popular 90.10. frequencies
for experiments in combination with quantum energy
In the video we introduce three of the 90.10. frequencies
and explain how they act in combination with the neutral quantum energy. 
Combine your power capsule 90.10. ZERO POINT ENERGY with frequencies!
More than 20 are available in our store, for example these:
"Nikola Tesla" with the inventor's know-how for protection against the interference effects of electromagnetic radiation
"Spring waters" with the information on the hexagonal structuring of water for better cell availability
"84" with the information of 84 important vitamins, minerals, and micro elements
"Holiday" for relaxing and calming, ideal for dealing with stressful situations like exams, important appointments, and live performances
"Agnihotra" with the information of the Agnihotra ash as it is won in a Vedic ritual
"Blueprint" with the information to reactivate the blueprint (matrix) of the human body
"Tink for Women" with the information of different nutritional supplements, designed for the needs of women aged 40 and older
"Tink for Men" with the information of different nutritional supplements, designed for the needs of men aged 40 and older

Quantum technology
in the household and everyday life
Water revitalization
Quantum energy penetrates every matter, thus also the water pipes. The water is enriched with quantum energy and frequencies and structured and vitalized in this process. 
Water jugs and glasses can be directly energized. The longer the quantum energy acts on the liquid, the more intensely it becomes charged with energy. The taste test will convince you. 
Vitalization of food
The power capsule can be placed in the refrigerator, in a fruit bowl, on a plate in a restaurant, and so on. The vitalization that takes place within minutes results in a more intense taste.
Smartphone and tablet
Sensitive people feel the effects of electromagnetic radiation particularly strong. If the power capsule has contact with a smartphone or tablet overnight, the negative effects on the human organism are neutralized.
Variants of the 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY
The power capsule with an energy output of 2,465 QEPPs and the frequencies "spring water", "84", and "Nikola Tesla" was tested by our community over several years and found to be very effective. If you are interested in this product, you will find a lot of information on the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE website. 
The quantum frequency combinations 90.10. Tink for Women and 90.10. Tink for Men contain the frequencies of the various nutritional supplements or vitamin and mineral remedies and focus entirely on the needs of a middle-aged woman or man. The following areas are covered: anti-aging, brain power, immune system, stress tolerance as well as "Wahine" (Hawaiian for "woman") or "Kane" (Hawaiian for "man").
Further variants of the 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY power capsule are presented here as soon as a product has successfully passed its test phase.
2.465 QEPPs
High energy for people with lots of responsibility in their everyday life and job.
Refund policy
Test the possibilities
for 3 months. If you and the capsule do not get along together, we'll take it back.
Practical size
2 inches long, ½ inch diameter - perfect for your pocket or key chain.
Open to criticism
Share your power capsule experience with us, in writing or by video. This is a way you can help support our work. 
Top customer satisfaction
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