Are you fit, happy and full of energy?
Take charge of your life!
Imagine, you won’t get sick anymore. Imagine, 
you feel as if you could leap tall buildings in a single bound from morning to evening. Imagine, you are resistant to e-smog. Imagine, the stress of others is passing you by. On the contrary, YOU infect others 
with your serenity.  
Imagine, there is a better world and you know how to get there.
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Jeremy Jackson
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Frequencies in the capsule, energy in the titanium spheres - that's all you need.
High energy
2.465 QEPPs energy output - 
this gives you power for your job, endurance in sports 
and relaxation after work.
Strong frequencies
You get the frequencies "84" with valuable nutrients, "Spring Waters" and "Nikola Tesla" for protection against e-smog. 
Lasting happiness
The titanium spheres hold the energy for up to 500 years. Even your  great-grandchildren can still 
enjoy this energy.
That´s what the community says about the 
Sensational experience with the 90.10. technology 
Surprising, also the price
"Within a few seconds you have an energetic balance in the meridian. That surprises me very much. The energy also is surprising; it is a very pleasant energy, but still highly effective. Throughout the day I was very energetically charged, 
very at peace with myself and my environment and very, very productive. Since then I can't imagine doing without the 
capsule." - Matthias Uhlig

"I often test if and how much of the various nutritional supplements I need, as that varies daily. After two weeks with the power capsule, the need for Astaxanthin decreased from 3 to 2 and 1, and now it's zero. All the minerals, vitamins, Borax etc. seem to be contained in the power capsule as vibration."


"I also noticed a visible effect on the water. It soon almost tasted like it was flavored. After about 30 minutes, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. My skin complexion looked "healthier", like after a light sunbath. In this case it was probably better supplied with blood. So, an effect clearly stated."

Andreas Knauz
A clear performance increase in endurance sports 
Enormous boost for the Qi 
"Thinking seems to be more efficient, moving faster. I'm doing things faster and more focused because I simply got the 
energy for it. You can imagine it like a battery on your body that keeps you supplied. Even after training I'm far less exhausted 
and can move on much quicker. I can only recommend it to everyone." - Martin
The 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE consists of a shell (the capsule) and five titanium spheres contained therein. Each individual sphere has an energy output of 170 QEPPs. In the multiplication effect, the five spheres have an energy output of 2,465 QEPPs. But they don't all have to work together; the power capsule lets you be very flexible in your application. How many spheres you use for yourself can depend on your personal needs and sensitivity. Sensitive people often feel how intense the energy stored in the titanium spheres is when they hold a sphere between the thumb and index finger of their left hand (the receiving hand, according to Chinese medicine).
The quantum energy stored in the titanium spheres is completely neutral, meaning it does not contain any special frequencies. With this attribute the titanium spheres also serve the production and use of quantum frequency foils. Each capsule however, is charged with three special frequencies. The first frequency, "Spring Waters", contains the attributes of ten spring waters from different parts of the world, among them the famous Lourdes healing water. The second frequency is simply called "84", and it consists of the frequencies of 84 vitamins, minerals and substances important for the human organism. The third frequency", Nikola Tesla", stores the popular inventor's expertise and can neutralize the interference effects of electro smog on the human organism.   
The construction of the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE is based on the understanding that the neutral titanium spheres emit energy from the inside to the outside. That energy runs through the frequencies stored in the capsule and is enriched with those frequencies. To illustrate, a comparison with the spheres and a light source as well as the capsule with a color filter: The emitted light shines in the color of the respective filter. In color therapy, colors have an effect on people (even on blind people according to studies). The frequencies are affecting the human organism in a comparable manner.
Strength &
Daily increase thanks to the frequency "84" with the information of 84 valuable vitamins 
and minerals
Perception & Consciousness
Clearer thinking, improved 
intuition and increased synchronicity in life due to the 
high energy output
Immune System & Organism
Less susceptibility to infection and faster recovery thanks to a more active immune system and better bioavailability of water.
More opinions about 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE
Start slowly - this energy takes time
Experiments with pure energy
"I picked up the power capsule and wouldn't let it go. That was very intense. There's definitely a lot of energy coming out 
of that capsule. I haven't really been able to judge what this energy does, but it does something to me. I'm having a very busy and stressful time right now. I feel like I have a lot of energy. 
It can very well be that it's just a piece of the puzzle to have the capsule with me" - Surya

"Only eight days after my stomach operation, the analgesic was discontinued, and I had no pain anymore and was able to eat everything again immediately – in my opinion a great quantum energy success."

Heinz Klambauer

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the power capsule. Physically and mentally, 
I feel much stronger, the water tastes fresher, although I always thought 
our water is really good. (I am living in 
the Alps)."

Hermann Stein
Energy for mind and body, for humans and animals
Immediate fascination 
"I feel it on the mental level mainly, or get support, 
which is extraordinary for me because I do not really 
know that. A more physical energy encounter being 
transported into the mental energy. I never experienced 
this before." - André Ritter
Striking effects from experiments
Cell availability
Quantum energy revitalizes water and therefore makes it available to cells. With cell available water the organism works better in all its functions. The visual illustration of the positive change is photographically possible through the Masaru Emoto method.
Electro smog
With the use of the energy from the power capsule, the negative perception of electromagnetic waves can be neutralized. Sensitive people have reported that any perceived physical disturbance caused by electro smog has been eliminated.
Within 30 minutes quantum energy can reduce radioactivity of 30 Bq (becquerel) in a glass of tap water down to 0 Bq. According to the current state of science, this is physically not possible. With scientific devices and methods, this effect is verifiable.
Frequency technology 
in the household and everyday life 
Water vitalization
Quantum energy penetrates every matter, thus also the water pipes. The water is enriched with quantum energy and frequencies and structured and vitalized in this process.
Water jugs and glasses can be directly energized. The longer the quantum energy acts on the liquid, the more intensely it becomes charged with energy. The taste test will convince you.
Vitalization of food
The power capsule can be placed in the refrigerator, in a fruit bowl, on a plate in a restaurant, and so on. The vitalization that takes place within minutes results in a more intense taste.
Smartphone und tablet
Sensitive people feel the effects of electromagnetic radiation particularly strong. If the power capsule has contact with a smartphone or tablet overnight, the negative effects on the human organism are neutralized.
2,465 QEPPs
High energy for people with lots of responsibility in their everyday life and job.
Refund policy
Test your possibilities
for 3 months. If you and 
the capsule do not 
get along together, 
we'll gladly take it back.
Practical size
2 inches long, ½ inch diameter - perfect for your pocket or key chain. 
Open to critizism
Share your power capsule experience with us, 
in writing or by video. 
This is a way you can help support our work. 
Top customer satisfaction
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