Do you want to produce your own energy sources?
The future is in your hands
Build your world the way you like it! With the 90.10.-CUBE you have all possibilities:
"Burn" quantum energy and frequencies of your choice into the objects that you need energized. It can be many things: Crockery, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, technology, plants, etc. After the burning procedure, the objects permanently store quantum energy (plus frequencies if you wish) and provide it to you and your environment.
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Pure harmonizing quantum energy
Significant positive effects on the energy level
in the human organism
Level up your energy level by using the 90.10.-CUBE!
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Neutral quantum energy
The energy does not contain a specific frequency, though it does contain a safeguard of information that protects it from being used for negative purposes. 
Energetic freedom
Any given object can be enriched 
with energy in a short time. 
It takes only one to three hours 
in the energy field 
of the cube.
Permanent availability
The modules store the 
energy permanently. For that reason, the cube can be 
passed on generation 
to generation. 
That's how the community uses the 90.10.-CUBE
Diverse use in everyday life
Dishes and cookwear
Enrich water bottles, glasses, cups, plates, bowls, jugs, cooking utensils (and more) with quantum energy by putting them into the 90.10.-CUBE for one to three hours. Each charged item becomes a permanent source of energy and continuously provides this energy to your food and beverages.
Vitalization of food
Groceries purchased at the supermarket can be optimized in their structure, even fruits and vegetables. As a result, things like apples and tomatoes can now actually taste like they should taste. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can treat milk, yogurt, spreads and many other foods with quantum energy, by putting them in the energy field of the 90.10.-CUBE after shopping. Often, they stay fresher longer. 
Clothes and jewelry
You should not enrich things with quantum energy that you wear on your body 24/7, because once the energy is in the matter, it stays there for a very long time. On the other hand, items that you can put on and take off as you like are perfectly suitable for energizing. After the burning procedure, which lasts for one to three hours, each item stores quantum energy in its matter and passes it on to you when you wear it. 
Personal care products and cosmetics
Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion, face cream, foundation and other items are structurally optimized by the influence of quantum energy. Each product can improve in its quality and at the same time also pass on a little energy to you. In this sense it is treating your skin and hair. Just one hour in the 90.10.-CUBE is enough to energize each product. Feel free to place several products in the energy field at the same time.
Protection against electro smog
Placed in the middle of the house, the 90.10.-CUBE can form a far-reaching, anti-electro smog torus. In addition, it is possible to place a smartphone, tablet or another electromagnetic wave causing device in the energy field of the cube. According to many, even very sensitive users, the perception of negative effects of electromagnetic waves can be neutralized this way.
The 90.10.-CUBE consists of a holder (the acrylic glass rack) and twelve original 90.10.-MODULES. Each individual module has an energy output of 16 QEPPs. The multiplication effect of the twelve modules is 450 QEPPs. Six of the modules are fixed with two magnets on the upper level of the cube, and six on the lower level. The positive pole of the cube is at the top, the negative pole is at the bottom. An energy field establishes between the poles; its energy flows from minus to plus, from bottom to top.
The modules themselves each have a plus and a minus pole. The positively charged side is marked with a plus, in order to provide clarity and understanding. You are welcome to swap the modules, putting some from top to bottom and vice versa. This does not affect the effect in any way. For the energy flow it is only important that the positive poles always point upward. That way the plus sides of the lower modules are always pointing to the minus sides of the upper modules.
The energy we put into the modules of the 90.10.-CUBE (by using a special quantum physical procedure), is pure, harmonizing quantum energy. Apart from specific information, which we’ll discuss below, this energy is neutral, that means it does not contain any special frequencies. The effect of the cube on matter can be described as an intensive energy increase and proofed by various medical methods. We also like to call the 90.10.-CUBE "The Untouchable" because it cannot be used for negative purposes, since it is informed with a special protective formula.
Sensitive people often feel within seconds how intense the energy generated by the 90.10.-CUBE is when they hold a hand in the energy field. Generally, the cube was developed to structurally optimize matter, i.e. to enrich matter with quantum energy. However, its presence can also affect the energy level of the human organism. Especially sensitive people should therefore gradually get used to the high energy level and not start with all twelve modules. For a detailed recommendation about the application, see our guide on how to use the 90.10.-CUBE.
So much more is possible
Other applications
Healthy animals
Food, feeding bowls, toys and
other accessories can be 
enriched in the cube with 
quantum energy.
Strong plants
Potting soil, vases and decorative stones pass on energy to the plants after having been "burned" in the cube.
Vitalized water
Energized taps and shower 
heads structure and vitalize 
the water running 
through them.
450 QEPP
Energy for you, directly 
from the cube or from 
energy sources produced 
in the cube.
The use of a cube means enormous responsibility.
A license agreement 
governs what is allowed 
and what isn't.
Neutral energy
The cube produces pure energy without frequencies that can only be used for positive purposes.
Use frequencies of 
your choice and burn 
them along with 
quantum energy into 
any matter.
Have great experiences 
like Claudia!
During our research time in Mexico, we met Claudia, and because she was curious about our technology, we first provided her with the 90.10.-TITAN BALL-SET. Excited about that, she decided on the 90.10.-CUBE and the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE. Particularly outstanding is that she experienced a decrease of the severe migraine-like headaches that bothered her regularly for more than 20 years.
See for yourself!
Energy that always works for you, 
never against you.
During our time in Mexico, we also met Maria and Jonathan, who then ran a Retreat Center. In the video, both talk in detail about their experiences with the 90.10. technology. In various aspects of life, togetherness and being, quantum energy has brought positive changes for them. 
Quantum energy exceeds what our rational thinking is used to.
Joa Santaur is a South African healer working with 90.10.-frequency technology since 2016. He has been engaged in energy work and intuitive work for a long time, which is supported by his ability to see energy fields. Joa describes the first contact with the 90.10.-CUBE as overwhelming. He perceived a great amount of high-frequency energy, which he found not easy to describe. When using the cube, he experienced his energy strengthening as well as harmonizing and clarifying. 
Apply for the 90.10.-CUBE!
The cube is a truly powerful tool. With the cube and the Forever Freedom Pack you’re moving into energetic independence.

The system can be copied. According to the current state of knowledge, the energy can also be increased infinitely and exponentially.

This not only gives you many wonderful opportunities, but also a great responsibility. Because of this, we cannot and will not hand out the cube to everyone. A conscious handling of it is required and 90.10. needs to know the purpose for its intended use.

If you are interested in a 90.10.-CUBE contact us and make an appointment with Thorsten Baldes, our Chief Marketing Officer for the 90.10. quantum technology.

Precondition: For the talk it is required that you already know the technology's effect. You can get to know it by using a power capsule for example. 
The 90.10.-CUBE brings the freedom...
The Forever Freedom Pack brings the infinity.
The 90.10. quantum phenomenon can be increased infinitely with this set.
infinite power + infinite frequencies = everything is possible
You need the 90.10. quantum technology in order to activate the set.
For activating the individual cubes you need a 90.10.-CUBE. In it you charge the cross plates of the first Next Generation Cube with energy (for three hours). After that, you'll have a first generation cube with an energy output of 4.580 QEPPs – it has ten times more energy than the 90.10.-CUBE has. 
With the Forever Freedom Pack, you can significantly increase the potential of quantum-frequency medicine and, as an example, potentially achieve extremely rapid wound healing and the alleviation of allergies.
Disclaimer: The Forever Freedom Pack is sold by one of our 90.10. partners and delivered without activated energy. Therefore, it can be used for medical purposes in practices and pharmacies.
In addition, with such strong and ever-increasing energy, we can respond to ] ever-increasing environmental pollution, such as the increase in mobile phone radiation, which will reach an extreme with the planned 5G technology. In addition, the transmutation of toxins and pollutants is conceivable.
In general, this energy has a great influence on consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness can be reached in much less time, and the synchronicity in life is optimized.
Last but not least, the cubes of the Forever Freedom Pack can be used to energize various everyday things (just like the 90.10.-CUBE). The respective matter is structured more intensively in these cubes and, of course, then has a correspondingly higher energy content.
Top customer satisfaction
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